Italian Cast Coinage by Italo Vecchi. 2013. Hardcover. 72 pages, 87 plates.
A descriptive catalogue of the cast coinage of Rome and Italy.A new edition of Italian Cast Coinage (ICC) compiled by Italo Vecchi which summarises the research into Italy's cast bronze coinage since 1885. It lists 327 types from the aes rude and currency bars of early 1st millennium Italy to the final issues during the Second Punic War, many of which are previously unpublished. The book also includes an account of the cast coinages of Rome, Etruria,Umbria, North-East and Central Italy, Lucania and Apulia. Arranged overall by geographical area, themints within each area are then listed alphabetically; included are details of the historical or geographical background, and an examination of the weight standards and chronology as well as threemaps of the area. At the end of the book there are 87 plates illustrating almost all the types in thecatalogue. The book is fully indexed for ease of reference.Hard bound in quarto format. The new standard reference for the cast coinage of Italy.

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